Why WEIFU Films' CPP Matt Film is the Preferred Choice for Sustainable Packaging

WEIFU Films' CPP Matt Film, designed for a wide range of packaging applications, offers an excellent matt effect, printability, and compatibility with lamination. We will introduce you to how our breathable film's advantages, such as high-quality matte effects, suitability for print and lamination, and compliance with international food contact standards, can enhance the visual appeal of your food and daily necessities packaging.

Fantastic Matt Finish for High-End Packaging

Your packaging will seem more sophisticated and elegant thanks to the outstanding matt finish that our CPP Matt Film produces. The matte finish gives your products a high-end appearance and feel, which improves their visual appeal when displayed on store shelves. You could depend on our film to improve the visual appeal of your packaging and leave a lasting impact on customers.

Downloadable for Personalized Labeling

In a competitive market, we recognize the value of branding and customization. Because our CPP Matt Film is printable, you can easily add eye-catching patterns, logos, and product details to your package. Using colourful and eye-catching visuals, showcase your company identity and draw in customers. Because of the outstanding printability that our film offers, your package will stand out from the competition.

Acceptable for Lamination and Printing

Not only is our CPP Matt Film printable, but it also works well with lamination. This feature gives your package more resilience and protection so that it can survive handling and transit abuses. Our film offers a smooth and polished finish, perfect for direct printing or lamination over other materials to raise the overall calibre of your package.

A Broad Variety of Uses for Various Needs

We are pleased to provide a CPP Matt Film that satisfies a wide range of customer demands. Our film can be used for many things, such as packing food and everyday items. Our CPP Matt Film meets a variety of packaging needs and sectors by providing a consistent, superior matte finish for both food and non-food products.


With its high-quality materials and superior printing capabilities, WEIFU Films' CPP Matt Film is the perfect choice for elevating the aesthetics of your packaging. It will create a solid and lasting impression among consumers and offer practical benefits such as excellent matt effect, printability, compatibility with lamination, and compliance with international food contact standards. Don't settle for ordinary packaging when you can make a statement with WEIFU Films' CPP Matt Film. We are waiting for your cooperation and expecting to upgrade your packaging today with WEIFU Films!