Say Goodbye to Traditional Packaging with WEIFU Films' Revolutionary PE Metallised Film

WEIFU Films' PE Metallised Film is here to change the way you package your products. With its unique stretch process, this film achieves unparalleled strength, ensuring that your goods are protected during transportation and storage. But that's not all – our film also boasts excellent temperature resistance, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions without losing its integrity. Let's step into the world of advanced film technology with WEIFU Films, where innovation meets perfection. 

Excellent Temperature Resistance for Optimal Product Preservation

Keeping food flexible packaging at the proper temperature is essential to ensuring the freshness and quality of the product. Because of the exceptional temperature resistance of our PE Metallized Film, your packaged food products will stay safe in a range of temperatures. You can count on our film to endure extreme temperatures, offering the best possible insulation and preserving the quality of your merchandise.

Accurate Overprinting for Enhanced Branding and Aesthetics

Effective branding and grabbing customers' attention depend on precise and colourful overprinting. Our PE Metallized Film ensures precise reproduction of complex graphics, logos, and product information thanks to its exceptional qualities for printing and laminating. With our film, you can visually enhance your food packaging by showcasing eye-catching and bright designs that will increase customer interaction and brand recognition.

Excellent Puncture Resistance for Product Protection

Food goods must be packed with materials that are exceptionally resistant to punctures in order to shield them from potential harm and external impacts. Because of its superior resistance to punctures, our PE Metallized Film will secure your packed food items while being stored and transported. You may rely on our film to add a degree of protection, making sure that your products arrive to customers in perfect shape.

Superior Barrier Properties for Extended Shelf Life

Extending the shelf life of food goods is a primary goal in the packaging sector. The freshness and quality of your packed food items are efficiently preserved by the superior barrier qualities of our PE Metallized Film, which effectively blocks the transfer of oxygen and water vapour. With our film's outstanding barrier qualities, you can be sure that your items will satisfy the highest quality requirements and have a longer shelf life.


Our film offers a reliable, high-performance solution for printing, lamination, and pouch-making applications with excellent temperature resistance, accurate overprinting capabilities, outstanding puncture resistance, and superior barrier properties against oxygen and water vapour transmission. It will be the perfect choice for you to partner with us to elevate your food flexible packaging performance with WEIFU Films' PE Metallised Film.