WEIFU BOPP heat sealing film: Product Category and Storage Recommendations

WEIFU is a renowned brand providing professional customized flexible packaging solutions. Among our range of high-quality products, BOPP heat sealing film stands out for its superb performance and versatility. This article will delve into the available product categories, emphasize the functions and benefits of each type, and provide basic storage guidelines to ensure the lifespan and quality of thin films, allowing you to have a better understanding of our company's products.

Product Category

One/both sides heat sealing film (PC/DPC)

WEIFU offers one-side and both-side heat sealing films, catering to various packaging needs. These films provide excellent heat-sealing properties, enabling secure and reliable seals in applications such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and industrial products. Additionally, with superior clarity and printability, they enhance the visual appeal and branding opportunities of packaged goods.

Heat sealing Anti fog film (AFDPC)

The AFDPC film offered by WEIFU is specifically designed to prevent fogging on packaging surfaces, ensuring optimum visibility of the contents. This feature makes it ideal for packaging fresh produce, refrigerated items, or any product that requires moisture-resistant and visually appealing packaging. The film's heat sealability adds convenience during the packaging process, promoting efficiency and productivity.

Degradation heat sealing film (PC-OD )

WEIFU's degradation heat sealing film is an eco-friendly solution that undergoes controlled degradation under specific conditions, minimizing its impact on the environment. This film type offers excellent heat sealability, making it suitable for diverse applications while meeting sustainability goals. It is an ideal choice for industries committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Storage Guidelines

To maintain the quality and performance of WEIFU BOPP heat sealing film, proper storage practices are crucial. Consider the following guidelines:

Protecting the film during transportation During transit, ensure that the film is adequately protected from physical damage, excessive heat, and moisture. Securely package the rolls or sheets to prevent unwarranted abrasion or punctures that may affect the film's integrity.

Avoid direct sunlight and volatile substances Keep the film away from direct sunlight or other sources of UV radiation, as prolonged exposure can result in discoloration and reduced performance. Additionally, store the film separately from volatile substances to prevent chemical interactions that could impair its quality.


WEIFU offers an impressive range of BOPP heat sealing films that cater to diverse packaging requirements. The one-side and both-side heat sealing films, Anti fog films, and degradation heat sealing films provide exceptional performance and functionality. By following proper storage guidelines, businesses can ensure the longevity and quality of these films throughout transportation and warehousing. For technical specifications or customized solutions tailored to specific application needs, reach out to WEIFU for expert assistance. Experience the reliability and excellence of WEIFU BOPP heat sealing films in your flexible packaging endeavors.