WEIFU Films' CPE Film: High Heat Sealing Strength and Versatile Packaging Solutions

WEIFU Films' CPE Film, including high heat sealing strength, toughness, low coefficient of friction, and food contact grade. This versatile film is perfect for flexible bags used in frozen food packaging, pet food packaging, and more. Our CPE Film offers a range of outstanding features, including high heat sealing strength, toughness, low coefficient of friction, and compliance with food contact grade standards. When it comes to flexible bags for frozen food packaging and other applications, WEIFU Films is your trusted partner.

High Heat Sealing Power for Superior Sealing Performance

At WEIFU Films, we recognize the value of dependable and safe sealing in packaging processes. With its exceptional heat sealing power, our CPE Film guarantees a great sealing result that keeps your goods safe and fresh. Throughout the whole supply chain, you can have peace of mind knowing that our film will offer a robust and secure seal.

Increasing Toughness to Reduce Impact Resistance

Packaging materials must be resilient to a range of handling situations and possible knocks. Our CPE Film has a soft feel and outstanding impact resistance because of its toughness enhancement design. This function guarantees that, even in harsh settings, your packaged items will stay safe and undamaged. 

Low Coefficient of Friction for Slip and Wear Resistance

Efficient handling and transportation of packaged goods are crucial for smooth logistics. Our CPE Film features a low coefficient of friction, providing slip and wear resistance. This characteristic enables easy movement and stacking of your flexible bags, minimizing friction-related issues and ensuring hassle-free operations.

Food Contact Grade Compliance for Safe Packaging

Food packaging must prioritize safety above anything else. Your packaged food products will meet the strictest quality and safety standards since our CPE Film complies entirely with international food contact guidelines. You may be guaranteed that our film complies with all laws while preserving the quality and freshness of your food.


WEIFU Films' CPE film offers a winning combination of superior strength, toughness, and safety. Its exceptional quality and versatility make it the ideal choice for various packaging needs in industries such as food and medical. With its unique properties and cost-effectiveness, WEIFU's CPE film continues to set the standard for high-performance packaging materials. Whether you need to protect your product during shipping or preserve its freshness on the shelf, CPE film is a reliable solution that guarantees top-quality results.