Everything About BOPE Film -- What is it, Features & Applications?

The worldwide market for food packaging continues to grow, driven by increasing demand for convenience, sustainability, and food safety. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global food packaging market may grow to $478.18 in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2021 to 2028.

Several common food packaging film materials have also emerged within this industry, each with unique properties and applications. These include linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), biaxially-orientated polypropylene polymer (BOPP), and biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET), biaxially-oriented polyamide (BOPA). Among these materials, biaxially-oriented polyethylene (BOPE) film is gaining attention and has been seeped into areas of sustainable businesses. But why will it gain such momentum in just a few years? This article will give you some hints.

What is BOPE Film?

The BOPE film, a high-performance film material, uses polyethylene resin with a unique molecular structure as the base ingredient and employs biaxial orientation technology. Once the polymer material undergoes stretching and formation, its properties are enhanced. Weifu's cutting-edge BOPE films are manufactured on a specialized-design BOPE/BOPP hybrid line, which brings an exciting upgrade of PE film performance by successfully applying polyethylene resin into biaxially-oriented production technology.

Features of BOPE Film

The following are the improved features associated with BOPE film for packaging:

  • High Tensile Strength

BOPE film exhibits superior mechanical properties, with tensile strength exceeding traditional LDPE films, which enables thinner gauges and eventually results in material savings and reduced packaging costs. 

  • Excellent Puncture Resistance

Due to its unique molecular orientation, BOPE film offers outstanding puncture resistance, ensuring the integrity of the packaged products and reducing the risk of damage during transportation and handling.

  • Low-temperature Impact Resistance

BOPE film maintains its mechanical performance at low temperatures. It is suitable for cold chain applications and frozen goods packaging, where conventional films might become brittle and prone to failure. 

  • Tearability

Thanks to biaxial orientation technology, BOPE gives better toughness and is easier to teared than other PE films like MDOPE.

  • Recyclable

Since it gives rise to mono-material packaging, BOPE leads to fully recyclable food packaging, which supports the global push for a circular economy and reduces environmental impact. Its compatibility with existing recycling streams makes it a striking alternative to traditional, less sustainable packaging materials.

BOPE Film Common Applications

BOPE film is a multipurpose and strong material for numerous packaging applications due to its exceptional tensile strength, superior optical properties, and outstanding puncture or low-temperature impact resistance. Widely employed in the packaging of heavy-weight products, BOPE's high tensile strength and puncture resistance ensure the reliability and sturdiness of the package. In the realm of frozen food packaging, BOPE's low-temperature flexibility and sealability offer excellent protection against freezer burn and prolonged shelf life. For packaging liquid detergent or edible paste in a pouch, BOPE, with outstanding mechanical properties, prevents your products from drop leakage.

As an environmentally friendly alternative to BOPET, BOPE has gained traction for its recyclability and compatibility with existing recycling streams, making it a favored choice for a sustainable mono-material packaging solution in numerous industries.

BOPE Film, Manufactured by Weifu

Weifu BOPE film is for your packaging needs and truly stands out from the competition with many impressive features. For years, the experienced packaging film manufacturer has provided films of all kinds with specific purposes to its clients and has received applause from the worldwide markets. Before investing in the specialized BOPE/BOPP hybrid line, Weifu had done years of BOPE trial production on its traditional BOPP line, and today Weifu BOPE films with comparatively more transparent, smooth, and low haze appearance are showing its leading position in the global BOPE manufacturing industry. The BOPE film manufactured by Weifu concludes transparent label film, heat resistance plain film, high barrier film, and matt film, tailoring the requirements of different purposes. Weifu BOPE film features: 

   √ Easy tearing and better toughness than other PE films make it a breeze to open packagescompromising durability

   √ Excellent puncture resistance keeps your products safe and secure during transportation.

   √ Good printing performance and smooth surface allows for vibrant colors and cleargraphics.

   √ Low temperature impact resistance enables your frozen goods to be well-packagedwithout being crispy or fragile.

   √ Low haze and high transparency give your packaging a clean, professonal appearanceSo, give Weifu BOPE film a try and join us for the sustainable packaging future!