How Does CPP Film Apply to High-Temperature Retort Pouch Packaging?

In the vast landscape of the food packaging market, retort pouch packaging has been gaining increasing popularity over other food packaging styles for its versatility suitable for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. The retort pouches are usually made of Retortable Cast Polypropylene, or RCPP film. This soft, lightweight and durable material has found its way into various packaging applications, revolutionizing the way we store, protect and cook our food.

What is RCPP?

Retortable CPP film is a specialized type of CPP film designed to withstand the rigorous processes of retort pouch packaging. RCPP is normally laminated with PET, nylon, and metallised film to enhance the barrier property and toughness of the whole pouch bag. Among different laminated layers, RCPP serves excellent features as below:

  • Texture:

One of the standout features of RCPP is its unique texture. The film offers a soft, smooth and high-transparent surface, providing an ideal canvas for vibrant and informative packaging designs. This characteristic not only enhances the visual appeal of the product but also contributes to a positive consumer experience.

  • Resilience:

RCPP is renowned for its resilience, offering a robust solution for retort pouch packaging that needs to withstand external pressures and impact. Whether it's stacking on a shelf or enduring the challenges of transportation, RCPP ensures that the packaged goods remain intact and protected.

  • Heat-Sealing:

The heat-sealing capability of RCPP is a crucial factor in its widespread adoption. This feature allows for secure sealing of the retort pouch packaging, preserving the freshness of the contents and extending the shelf life of the products.

Applications of RCPP

Retortable CPP film, with its remarkable properties, has become a cornerstone in various industries, offering versatile solutions for products undergoing retort processing. 

Why is RCPP film so popular? It can be heated and resist against 30mins, 135 degree poaching or steaming. The food can be left untouched in the bag, sterilized and heated at high temperature, and then be taken out and eaten. Therefore, one significant application lies in the realm of ready-to-eat meals, where the demand for convenient and safely packaged food continues to grow. The resilience of RCPP ensures that these meals remain protected during the retort process, maintaining both flavor and nutritional integrity.

Another notable sector benefiting from the advantages of RCPP is pet food packaging. The stringent requirements for sterilization and preservation in the pet food industry align perfectly with the capabilities of retortable CPP film. Its ability to withstand high temperatures and pressure plays a pivotal role in ensuring that pet food products remain free from contaminants, providing a safe and reliable option for both pets and their owners.

In the broader context of food packaging, RCPP finds applications in various items that necessitate sterilization for prolonged shelf life. From soups and sauces to specialty food items, the adaptability of RCPP contributes to a diverse range of retort pouch packaging solutions, meeting the evolving needs of the modern food industry. As a result, retortable CPP film has become an indispensable choice for businesses aiming to deliver not only convenience but also uncompromised safety and quality in their packaged products.

Weifu—Professional RCPP Film Manufacturer

When it comes to reliable and customizable RCPP, Weifu stands out as a leading manufacturer. Weifu's CPP Retortable Film is engineered with precision, incorporating features that cater to the unique needs of various industries.

Features of Weifu's CPP Retortable Film:

  • Low-temperature sealing: Weifu develops its RCPP with low-temperature sealing capability while still maintaining its heat resistance. This feature allows for packaging efficiency for retort pouch packaging without sacrificing the perfect seal.
  • Enhanced Customization: Recognizing the diverse requirements of different products, Weifu provides a high level of customization. This includes options for thickness, sealing temperature, cooking temperature resistant, and even the choice of additional features such as easy-peel or resealable zippers.
  • Food Contact: Compliant with international good contact grade
  • Little Odour: Suitable for the packaging of inflatable bags
  • Environmental Friendliness: Weifu is committed to sustainability. The CPP Retortable Film is designed with environmentally friendly practices in mind. Compared to hot filling or steel food cans, RCPP is more energy-saving during the heating and sterilization process


In conclusion, the rise of retortable CPP film marks a significant evolution in the food packaging industry. Its ability to withstand high temperatures, maintain resilience, and provide a secure seal makes it an invaluable choice for products requiring retort pouch packaging. Among the manufacturers of RCPP, we at Weifu distinguish ourselves through our commitment to quality and a highly customizable approach.

For businesses seeking a reliable and tailored solution for their retort packaging needs, Weifu's CPP Retortable Film stands out as a commendable choice. With a focus on innovation, peerless quality, and environmental responsibility, Weifu is dedicated to being a trustworthy partner in the ever-evolving food packaging landscape.