"Symbiosis with love", Guangdong Weifu invested 8 million RMB to build an ecological landscape area along the river

On November 16th, 2018, Mr. Li Shuihua, secretary of the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee, director of Standing Committee of Municipal People's Congress, chief commander of Lianjiang River Comprehensive governance headquarters, and Mr. Li Shiyi, secretary of Puning Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders, accompanied by Mr. Liang Weigui, CEO of Weifu, and Mr. Liang Yanyang, vice general manager of Weifu, inspected the progress of the "Riverside Promenade" project on site. Mr. Liang Weigui made a detailed report on the project planning and construction progress, and said that Weifu people live along the river, the governance and construction of Lianjiang River is the social responsibility of Weifu people. Mr. Li Shuihua fully recognized Weifu's contribution to the construction of ecological civilization in Lianjiang River, and called on everyone to actively contribute to the improvement of the mother river of Lianjiang.


The secretary Mr. Li Shuihua and other leaders were inspecting the Riverside Promenade

In order to create a comfortable leisure, entertainment environment, a cultural and sightseeing place with distinctive characteristics, Weifu specially invited famous domestic designers to personally design a modern viewing promenade with vivid charm to achieve the harmony and unity of architecture and landscape. During designing, the designer not only uses the modern sailboat elements and Zen, but also integrates with the colorful flower zones, scattered bricks and stones and other elements.


Effect drawings of Riverside Promenade entrance

The Riverside Promenade is divided into three functional areas. First, the 600-meter Riverside Promenade has the basic functions of walking and doing exercise, there are many comfortable rest seats along the way. The inner side of the Promenade is a shrub zone which is consist of colorful plants. Here we can enjoy the scenery and have a rest to feel the calm and wisdom of slow life; Second, a hydrophilic platform will be built along the river, we can reach the water surface while leaning down on the platform. The stepped viewing platform can provide tourists with multi-perspective river viewing experience. Third, the Cultural Square has set up lots of scenic spots, such as fountains, cultural walls, and the Sailing Road, to meet the needs of the masses for various kinds of gathering entertainment or cultural activities. When summer night comes, the sound of cicadas is accompanied by a different feeling.


Effect drawing of Riverside Promenade


Effect drawing of hydrophilic platform

Weifu people not only develop and expand Puning's humanistic spirit with practical actions, but also bear the corporate social responsibility of maintaining the environment, with the development direction of green and environmental protection, and put forward the development concept of harmonious coexistence.


Effect drawing of Leisure Square

On the one hand, Guangdong Weifu is actively repaying the society in various forms under the condition that the industrial scale is expanding and the economic benefits are gradually realized. In 2010, Weifu funded the Lianjiang rainwater and sewage treatment project for 300 thousand RMB; In 2013, when the catastrophic flood hit Puning, Weifu organized to rescue more than 30 trapped villagers and donated 145 thousand RMB; In 2018, the Party and government put forward a grand strategy of Lianjiang River governance. Weifu followed the management pace of the headquarters, donated 2 million RMB to the "Mother River Foundation", and invested 8 million RMB to build the Riverside Promenade project.


Effect drawing of Leisure Square

On the other hand, Weifu is fully aware that the own development is from nature, and should return to nature. Weifu gives back to the society with environment-friendly production. By strictly checking materials, increasing equipment investment, paying attention to environmental construction and other measures, Weifu strives to develop low-cost environment-friendly products, and promotes green in the industrial chain.



Weifu insists on environmental protection packaging mode and strives to realize the corporate social responsibility and social benefits of environmental protection production.

"Perseverance and Sincerity", Weifu people never forget the the founder’s precept of "three awes", and will maintain the "honest and sincere" heart to care about life and society !