Meticulously and fully implement safety production management

At the moment of “Out with the old, in with the new”, to make everyone in Weifu "keep safety in mind first, for themselves, family and relatives", Guangdong Weifu Safety Production Leading Group and the members hereby organized and carried out safety production management training, and more than 600 front-line production employees participated in this training. In order to implement the safety management, the HR Director Mr. Zhang organized and required that all staffs should systematically study the Company's safety management system, uniformly manage and update the company's safety signs, promote management with systems, adhere to effective implementation, and ensure safety with management and the safe operation of the company's production. The training of safety production management was mainly carried out by the leader, Mr. Huang Zesheng.


The training mainly focused on safety management, work permit, risk identification, emergency management, occupational health, work site management and other knowledge. The HR Director Mr. Zhang emphasized on the training that the "four no" safety policy of "doing no harm to yourself, doing no harm to others, not being harmed by others, and protecting others not to be harmed". In addition, Mr. Zhang subdivided the responsibilities to the relevant responsible departments, emphasized the importance of safety production management, strengthened safety responsibility assessment, rewards and punishments, enhanced management and control, and required each team leader to organize a comprehensive inspection every week to achieve the integration of system and implementation, and production can only be carried out on the premise of ensuring safety.


Meanwhile, the safety management team explained the special equipment such as boilers and recycling machine in the form of pictures and texts at the training meeting, and passed the precautions to every trainee on site in combination with comprehensive cases. Further clarified the importance of emergency management and emphasized the four links of prevention, preparation, response and recovery to prevent and reduce the damage caused by emergencies maximally.


Through the training of safety production knowledge, we not only improved our minds and deepened our awareness of the safety importance, but also checked the blind spots of knowledge and the scope of safety, and other knowledge was supplemented during learning. All employees are determined to practice the safety theoretical knowledge they have learned in work and production, and automatically and spontaneously improve their own safety prevention ability and self-protection ability.


Safety production is a long-term work that requires attention and investment of energy, human resources and financial resources. Weifu always tightens its focus on safe production, puts safety education ahead, implements the national safe production policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment", does well in safety production, prevents and curbs all kinds of safety accidents.


This safety production training is a new starting point, and the refined safety production management will be fully implemented and adhered to the end! From the aspects of safety work leadership, safety production supervision, strict implementation of varieties of rules, and in strict compliance with labor safety operation rules, we will promote safety work to a higher level, play the song of life safety, and further create a good safety environment for production activities.