The training of "Improvement of Comprehensive Management Ability of Team Leaders" in the Management Elite Training Camp was successfully completed!

It is Weifu's employment philosophy to cultivate professional talents and gather outstanding talents. In order to improve the management skills of middle and basic level management staff and strengthen the construction of talent echelon, Weifu organized more than 100 management staffs above team leader level and 23 reserve talents to participate in the course of "Improvement of Comprehensive Management Ability of Team Leaders" on July 4th and 5th, in which vice general manager Mr. Liang Qingguo participated in the whole process of learning.



Before the training, the HR director Mr. Zhang pointed out that basic level management staff are the front-line commanders and organizers of enterprise production activities and the cornerstone of enterprise operation. If we can give full play to the management role of basic level management staffs and build efficient teams, it will be conducive to the safe production and high-quality sustainable development of enterprises. In this training, Shantou Singularity Huazi Project Team specially invited Mr. Li Xiujie to teach us how to improve the comprehensive management ability of leaders. Hope everyone can learn to think, understand and gain!



In the training, Mr. Li vividly taught the skills and methods of organizing teams and groups, "assistance" first, "teaching" second, "Paying close attention to implementation", and activating the atmosphere by using teaching methods, such as lecture, case analysis, group discussion, role play, etc. In addition, 8 teams had been formed temporarily. Under the leadership of team leaders, the students had been "fighting" for the honor of the team, brainstorming, making concerted efforts and speaking enthusiastically, the atmosphere was active, and the students' interest in learning was higher and higher.



The overall atmosphere of the training was active. All the staff listened carefully and recorded in time. They actively participated in the role plays and group discussions designed by the teacher. Through this training, the trainees unanimously commented that they benefited a lot. They not only broadened their horizons, learned a lot of management skills and communication methods that can be used in daily work, but also had a platform for mutual communication. At the same time, all the trainees expressed their gratitude for the cultivation from the company and the hard work of the organization staff.



One of the leader said: "Through this training, we have a clearer understanding of our role and position in the team. We should play a leading role in daily work, and make a good link between the past and the future. While obeying and responding to the leadership's command and arrangement quickly, we should also fully motivate the team members to ensure that the work is carried out in a timely and effective way. When team members encounter difficulties, we should patiently guide and provide help, and do our best to help everyone to twist the strength into a rope. "



In order to continuously consolidate and sublimate learning achievements and apply what we have learned, the HR Department proposes to participate in the organization again within 48 hours after training, arrange the heads of each department and the trainees of the department to adopt brainstorming learning method and active summarizing and sharing; And fill in the 531 action form to strengthen the memory, absorption and integration of knowledge, to achieve the goal of flexible application to work.



A team, just like a flock of wild geese flying together, must cooperate with each other in the same direction with synchronous actions in order to fly to the final destination faster. We have to constantly learn new knowledge, update our way of thinking, check and fix our problems, enhance our internal skills, and prepare ourselves!