【Product Introduction】High-strength PE Film

Compared with the traditional PE blown film or CPE film, the high-strength PE film can not only improve the mechanical strength, but also realize the advantages of material lightweight, excellent optical performance, material flexibility, tear resistance, puncture resistance, crumpling resistance and firm heat sealing.



According to the market demand, Weifu has developed high-strength PE Plain film, high-strength PE Heat Sealable Film, high-strength PE Matt film and other products. At the same time, Weifu also optimized the heat-sealing performance and structural design of the product, widened the range of initial heat-sealing temperature, fully improved the production efficiency, with material integration, and in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection and recyclability.



1)High-strength PE Plain Film

This product has the features of excellent optical performance, good transparency, good smoothness, etc. It is suitable for low temperature and high speed packaging, with good surface tension, strong printing and lamination adaptability, mainly used for lamination printing product structure, and is suitable for packaging of dried fruits, nuts, potato chips, puffed food, etc.


2)High-strength PE Heat Sealable film

The product has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good flatness, excellent printing performance, strong equipment adaptability, low temperature heat-sealing strength, etc. At the same time, excellent heat-sealing performance and heat adhesion fastness can better lock the freshness. The unique linear tear control design is easy to open, effectively improving the using experience of consumer. At present, the product has gradually become the preferred solution for some new packaging, such as small rice bags, bagged beers, frozen seafood, etc.



3)High-strength PE Matt film

Due to the luxurious surface Matt effect and excellent material mechanical performance, the High-strength PE Matt Film has been deeply favored by the market once it was successfully developed. Weifu's original High-strength PE Matt product structure is an innovative product in the industry, with fewer white points, crystal points and foreign-matter points in the finished product. It is suitable for the daily label application, and the protective packaging of electronic and digital products.