The 13th Staff Sports Games of Guangdong Weifu was successfully concluded with the theme of "Striving and Fighting Spirit of Weifu People, Full of Energy in the New Year"

On the afternoon of January 13th, 2020, The 13th Guangdong Weifu Staff Sports Games with the theme of "Striving and Fighting Spirit of Weifu People, Full of Energy in the New Year" was successfully concluded in a warm and friendly atmosphere! More than 200 employees and their families actively participated in the games, which fully showed Weifu people's high fighting spirit of "indomitable and tenacious", fully reflected Weifu people's full spirit of "cooperating in solidarity, being positive", and fully enhanced Weifu people's belief of "daring to overcome difficulties, good at overcoming difficulties".



The "Weifu Cup" Games has been held for seven days since the opening of the Sports Games on the 7th. The organization committee has always implemented the principle of "enhancing friendship, being warm and exciting, and promoting development" in the whole process. With the joint efforts of the referees, athletes and organization Committee’s staff, a vivid and unforgettable competitive feast has been presented: the staffs of organization committee closely cooperate and support each other, and orderly promote the competition process; The referees are fair, impartial, meticulous and conscientious in maintaining the order of the games on site; The athletes are not afraid of strong players and fierce competitions, playing the charm of sports games incisively and vividly. Let's review the wonderful moments in the Sports Games. Look! These are our young and energetic Weifu people:



On the basketball court, at the critical score moment, we saw the "star" players of the red team quicken their pace, break through the two lines of defense, a tiger jump and turn around to shoot, the basketball drew a beautiful arc in the air, and fell into the basket accurately. Suddenly, there was a burst of cheers in the court, what a wonderful game!

On the scene of table tennis, the powerful female players are not inferior to the men. They stepped forward to rub the ball, attacked sideways, pulled the ball backward, and made a fierce attack, which can make their opponents off-guard and score! In the billiards game, the player who was the first time to participate in the game did not nervous when facing the veteran. He walked around the table for half a circle, held his breath, concentrated, and stared at the target after thinking, and hit!

In the Chinese chess game, the players were "extremely resourceful" and looked at the chess board for a long time. The time seemed to have solidified. Then, "Arranging and checking chess pieces, just like ordering troops on the battlefield". In this silent Chinese chess battlefield, there was a lot of gunfire. "One careless move and the whole game is lost" or "meeting more favorable circumstances".

In the 100m head-on relay race and relay rope skipping race, when the referee gave a command, the starting players rushed out of the starting line like an arrow leaving the string. At the same time, the relay players had already prepared for the sprinting, and were integrated with a high tacit cooperation. This is not a one-man fight, but ours!



In this activity, further improving the fire safety awareness of the staff is the theme that has always been adhered to every year. In order to effectively strengthen the fire safety management of the company and enhance the employees’ ability of self rescue and preventing fire accidents, exercises of using fire extinguishers and teaching of using fire water guns were specially conducted for all employees. On the training site, the leader of the safety production team, Mr. Zhuang, focused on explaining the classification, key points and precautions of fire extinguishers and fire water guns, and guided everyone how to use it step by step. All staffs completed all drills carefully according to what they have listened and learned on site. Through this learning, the blind area of employees' fire safety knowledge was further eliminated, laying a solid foundation for their own life and property security in future work and life.



At the "Weifu Cup" award ceremony of the closing ceremony, Mr. Liang Qingguo, the vice general manager, said: "In this Sports Games, I saw everyone's energetic spirit, which shows that Weifu people still maintain an optimistic attitude in the face of the epidemic era. Through the platform of the Sports Games, we have provided opportunities for communication in a non-business environment. I believe that the seeds of friendship have been sown and germinated, which must enhance our collective cohesion and centripetal force. In addition, the Sports Games is of short duration, but I hope everyone can use this opportunity to bring sportsmanship to work and life, break through yourself in work and adhere to daily exercise with willpower, to improve physical quality. Healthy body is the foundation of everything." Then, the HR director Mr. Zhang stressed the importance of fire safety awareness once again and emphasised that in life and work, everyone should always remember that "hidden dangers are more dangerous than the open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is weightier than Mount Tai". Learning fire protection knowledge carefully is not only related to the stable development of the company, but also responsible for our own life. When a fire occurs, we must have basic handling ability. The shorter the handling time, the smaller the loss. Of course, the most important thing is to protect ourselves.



A new journey has begun in 2021. We hope all the Weifu people can continue to maintain their unstoppable condition in the Sports Games, "play to the level and make achievements" in Weifu with full enthusiasm, and use diligence, wisdom and fearlessness to be brave Weifu people, energetic yourselves, and achieve a leap-forward new year!