At the beginning of the new year, study first! The Research and Training Institute of Huaducheng Group was officially launched!

Under the new market conditions, opportunities and challenges co-exist. How to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is an important topic for the management of Huaducheng Group. Talents are the biggest wealth of enterprises and the most powerful way of competition. To become a leader in the plastic packaging industry, we must also be at the forefront of the industry in terms of talent selection and cultivation. Therefore, the HR Department of Huaducheng Group and Yingsheng Company have worked together to build the "The Research and Training Institute of Huaducheng Group" for the employees, developed a series of online research courses, and provided a more convenient, systematic and professional learning platform.



On the afternoon of January 8th, 2022, Huaducheng Group held the launching ceremony of the Research and Training Institute in Weifu. Mr. Liang Weigui, the CEO of Huaducheng Group, Mr. Liang Weixiong, the general manager, and the HR director Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, attended the ceremony. Representatives of Yingsheng Company, heads of HR Department of Huaducheng Group, and middle and high-level managers of Weifu were invited to attend the ceremony to start a new chapter of learning at the beginning of the new year!



Mr. Liang Weixiong, the general manager of Huaducheng Group, said in his speech: "Cultivating talents is the first priority of the Group's development and one of the long-term development strategies of the enterprise. As an enterprise responsible for society and employees, Huaducheng Group should not only provide employees with a employment platform, but also create a platform for them to learn and improve."


Then, Mr. Liang Weixiong raised three hopes: "First, we hope that all the staffs can further realize the importance of learning, make full use of spare time to learn, and improve the professional quality and ability; Second, we hope that all the staffs can be good at thinking and dare to practice while learning, becoming thoughtful, qualified and skilled talents; Third, we hope that all the staffs can maintain the belief that individuals and enterprises grow together."



Mr. Zhang Junying, the CEO of Yingsheng Company, summarized several highlights of the Research and Training Institute platform: "The platform has 639 teachers who interact with students online in a two-way interaction to solve problems in real time; We have customized learning plans for each employee, have targeted solutions to each work problem with granulating content; update content and new knowledge acquisition center weekly, develop systematic curriculum system based on different positions, implement learning plans from demand, scheme, monitoring, and data", and Mr. Zhang Junying also expounded the integration point of the platform and Huaducheng Group enterprise training system.



Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, the HR director of Huaducheng Group, explained the implementation scheme and administrative management plan of the Institute. According to the difference between new and old employees and business, a total of six curriculum systems were planned. The courses will be conducted through online independent learning and offline collective learning. At the same time, in order to encourage employees to learn actively and acquire more knowledge and skills from training, Huaducheng Group set up the statistical table of trainee points, Learning supervision system and annual "Individual Learning Progress Award" and "Learning Organization Award".


Mr. Zhang Jianfeng said: "Learning is the basis of thinking, and thinking is the continuation of learning. I hope that the heads of the sub-companies and the HR Departments of the Huaducheng Group can organize carefully, perform conscientiously, and supervise regularly. I also sincerely hope that all employees of the Group can participate actively, be strict in self-discipline, and learn independently. We must cherish this hard-earned learning opportunity, devote ourselves wholeheartedly, study carefully, and improve ourselves."



Then, the host invited Mr. Liang Weigui, the CEO of Huaducheng Group, and Zhang Junying, the CEO of Yingsheng Company to come to the stage together, and completed the awarding ceremony of "the Research and Training Institute of Huaducheng Group". Since then, "the Research and Training Institute of Huaducheng  Group" was officially launched! After the ceremony, the CEO Mr. Zhang Junying of Yingsheng Company demonstrated the personal account operation of the Research and Training Institute platform.



Mr. Liang Weigui, the CEO of Huaducheng Group, made a concluding speech. First of all, he thanked Yingsheng Company and looked forward to bringing more high-quality learning resources to the group's students in the process of future cooperation. Then, Mr. Liang recalled past misery and cherished present happiness, amazed at the convenience of online learning, said it is a blessing for learners by the times. He hoped that everyone would cherish every learning opportunities. In addition, the Group invested the learning platform, also hoping that there will be more opportunities to find talents from within, and the company will never lose those who are talented and ambitious. Finally, Mr. Liang asked the management of the Group to take the lead and set an example to create a good learning atmosphere.



The launching ceremony of the Research and Training Institute of Huaducheng  Group ended successfully! Learning is the most important thing we should do in our life. As the old saying goes "keeping on learning as long as you live" means that only constant learning can keep pace with the development of the times, break through the level of life, learn and benefit for life!


Please cherish the high-quality learning conditions created by the company with a grateful heart!

Please work hard to make progress every day!