Weifu Cup | The 14th Staff Sports Games of "Cohesion of Sport Positive Energy, Transmission of Weifu New Power" ended successfully!

On January 4, 2022, the 14th Staff Sports Game of "Cohesion of Sport Positive Energy, Transmission of Weifu New Power" was grandly opened in Guangdong Weifu. The Sports Games lasted for 4 days. With the closing ceremony held on the evening of January 8, it came to a successful end. More than 100 participants and enthusiastic spectators witnessed the wonderful games of basketball, table tennis, billiards, Chinese chess, 100 meter relay, three people and four feet.


The theme of the Sports Games is "Cohesion of Sport Positive Energy, Transmission of Weifu New Power". The purpose of the Sports Games is to inspire the positive energy of the body through sports, to make concerted efforts, unite and struggle, overcome difficulties, and fully release the spirit of Weifu people in the new year! The organization committee insists on setting up projects by combining traditional special projects with fun games, pays attention to teamwork and fun, and all referees perform their duties fairly and strictly; The staffs provide considerate service and strong logistical support. Weifu pays great attention to holding the Sports Games to establish the collective culture spirit of "Unity and Struggle, Higher and Stronger".


A series of visual feasts were presented frequently, with sweat, warm cheers and tense battles attracting everyone:


On the scene of the basketball finals, the players came to the court early in the morning to warm up. Fast attack, pick and roll, low position attack, the team members of both sides catch up with each other, the defense quality is high, the breakthrough skill is strong, the cheering team shout loudly and the atmosphere is lively. Finally, BOPP production team won the championship.

The scene of the three people four feet fun match was full of cheering cries. The team members shouted the words "one, two, one, two". They were full of energy, burst into their own universe, and ran steadily forward. Finally, the team of the Metallising Department team won the final victory as expected.



The runners of the 100-meter relay race ran faster and faster. Like a whirlwind, they passed the baton to the next runner with tacit understanding and close cooperation. The next second they were on their way to the goal. Cheers from the cheering team kept rising and rising.


In the match point round of table tennis, the attacking side served a turn, the defending side immediately made a backhand spike, followed by a straight shot, then by a spike, and the two sides moved quickly and returned the ball flexibly. The three hundred round battle made the spectators excited.


The situation in the middle of the Chinese chess game has been pushed into a state for intensified. It was a fierce fight, and the fighting has turned the world upside down. At this time, the attacking side showed no mercy, overcame all kinds of difficulties, ending the game fiercely. On the other scene, the billiard player held his breath, concentrated on his target, and hit! Applause, wonderful!



Weifu has always keeped strict control in safety. On the afternoon of December 29th, 2021, an annual fire safety evaluation was held, the inspection and scoring of safety production and fire drills were conducted respectively. This fire drill helped us to learn and practice the use of fire extinguishers and fire water guns, also let us know a series of knowledge of effective fire rescue, personnel evacuation, equipment protection, medical methods, personnel rescue, information coordination. Finally, Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, the HR director of Huaducheng Group, said: "Safety production is an important guarantee for the development of the enterprise and an important concept that the company has always implemented and emphasized in the production and operation. Safety is also a basic guarantee for life and health, so we must not take it lightly and it is the responsibility of everyone to protect ourselves and the company's property".



At the closing and award ceremony, Mr. Liang Qingguo, the vice general manager, said in a speech: "Sports is a thing that needs to be adhered to for a long time. We should regard sports as an attitude and concept of life. Sports are not limited to sports items. For example, you can climb mountains to feel the lofty aspirations of small mountains, or you can walk along the road to feel the joy of sweat. Sports are everywhere and all the time. Only in this way can you maintain a healthy body and full of spirit." In addition, Mr. Liang Qingguo particularly emphasized and urged that we should pay more attention to personal safety while keeping healthy. We only have one life, and everyone should take care of it. We should never neglect any details in our work.



In 2022, "gather positive energy and inspire new power", please take effort to realize yourself, show yourself and forge your own path!